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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been filming events?
How many cameras do you use for a wedding?
Do you use professional equipment?
Will you come to our rehearsal?
What is a “Love Story Production”?
What is a Highlight Section?

Why should I hire a professional videographer when my friend will videotape my wedding for free?
Do you give us the unedited footage?
When will we get our wedding video back?
When do I pay for my video?
How do I book with A+ Video?


How long have you been filming events?

We bought our first video camera in 1994. Since Jim as had a lifetime reputation for capturing great photos on film, we were immediately asked to videotape weddings and other events for family and friends. Les Johnson, who started A+ saw our work and asked us on board. In 2000 Les retired and we bought A+ and took over all aspects of the business. How many cameras do you use for a wedding?

We always cover a wedding ceremony with at least three cameras. Jim operates one from the front right, and Millie operates one from the back or balcony. The front camera allows us to get those great close up shots that capture the smiles, tears, and interaction between the bride and groom that no one else sees. The back camera adds the beauty of the setting, a balanced shot of candle lighting, ring exchange and vows, and is ready for that great announcement and recessional. We often set up one or two unmanned cameras as well, to get audience and wide shots. This is especially nice from a balcony. It is also important to be able to get readers and soloists and the reaction of the bride, groom, and guests at the same time. Most clergy do not allow a lot of movement, and the multiple cameras allow us to capture it while being still and non-conspicuous.

We also use two cameras for all the main events of the reception. Again, this gives you the advantage of two different angles and makes the edited footage “come alive”. One camera can only be in one place at one time. This also protects you against any unexpected equipment failures. Do you use professional equipment?

Yes. We use two three Panasonic AVCCam cameras. When light is needed, we will use on-camera, adjustable filtered lighting. This means that we can turn the light down to use only the amount we need. We understand that no one likes to be “in the spotlight”, and are very sensitive to that. Our cameras can adjust to accommodate low light, but like any video camera, we cannot get good video in the dark. Our wireless mics are Nady and Sennheiser. Editing is done on a G5 PowerMac. We use Photo Shop and Final Cut Pro 7. Will you come to our rehearsal?

Yes. We find it very helpful to meet the clergy, to get to know those we will be working with, and to know ahead of time where everyone will be positioned. We also need to know the lighting conditions and placement for microphones. Plus the rehearsal is where we get those great shots for our famous “switches”! What is a “Love Story Production”?

A month or two before the wedding, we will go with you to a setting of your choice (a park, beach, or favorite spot). There we will give you each a seperate opportunity to tell us, on camera, about the events that brought the two of you together. We’ll ask you about your first meeting, first date, first kiss and proposal. You can also tell us the wonderful qualities that attract you to your sweetheart. At the end of the interview, we will ask you to tell him/her how you are looking forward to your big day, and your life together as husband and wife. Then we will set up and shot some footage of the two of you together; walking, playing, kissing, just enjoying one another. This is actually a very fun and romantic time for you. Back in the studio, Jim will cut and paste, add lots of slow motion and special effects, mix audio and video, and produce a work of art that you will treasure for a lifetime. What is a Highlight Section?

Our average wedding video is 80 - 100 minutes in length. The highlight section is a 10-12 minute section at the end where we go back over your day, pick out the highlights and add some slow motion and special effects. This is also a good place to put some angles and neat shots that did not fit in the main video. This is then set to music which expresses your love for one another and the excitement of the celebration. We find it an excellent way to end your video. It’s also a great way to show your wedding to friends who may not have 90 minutes to watch the whole thing.

Why should I hire a professional videographer when my friend will videotape my wedding for free?

Excellent question. Have you ever compared amateur videos with ours? Some reasons are: shaky camera work, battery failure, poor lighting, poor sound quality (this is a big one), good intentions but poor results. We have often been asked if we can fix amateur wedding videos. Except for cutting out the floor and ceiling shots, there is really little that we can do. We can’t add what is not there. Before you make this decision, be sure that you can live with it, whatever the results. Remember, you have spent a lot of money on this day. A professional video is the best way we know of to capture and preserve your investment. Do you give us the unedited footage?

No. This is something we have decided not to do. The time factor is one reason. We usually have six to eight hours of video from the various cameras. Sometimes things are said in the course of the day that could cause hard feelings or that are not appropriate. It is too time consuming to screen all this, and we don’t want to take the chance of someone getting hurt. Another reason is that Jim spends forty to fifty hours fine tuning and perfecting your wedding. He tweaks, enhances, catches every expression, and cuts out anything bad or unattractive. When he gets it just right, he gives it to you. I guarantee that this is the video you will watch, not the unedited version. When will we get our wedding video back?

Our turn around time is usually 14 - 18 weeks. We understand that you are anxiously awaiting your video and we do not want to keep you waiting any longer than necessary. We assure you that we will give your wedding the same attention and time that we are giving the ones before you. When do I pay for my video?

A $400 deposit will hold your date and price. The remainder will be due two weeks before the wedding. How do I book with A+ Video?

Call or e-mail us to set up a free, no obligation appointment. You can come to our in-home studio and view a recent wedding. We may even be able to show you a wedding in your church or reception site. We will talk about prices and what you would like or not like included in your package. We are quite willing to exchange options and work with you to get the perfect package for you. This also allows us to get to know you and be better able to serve you in the style you prefer. If you are not able to come to our studio, we can send you a sample video and book over the phone and snail mail. We do except Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.